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Come Visit Escape Artistry’s Newly Opened Facility: The Time Gallery!

Following the success of The Railcar, Escape Artistry has opened The Time Gallery, a suite of five room escapes, just blocks from The Railcar’s Wicker Park home at 1342 N. Milwaukee Ave. The Time Gallery features five distinct room escapes, each set in a different era of Chicago history:

  • Roaring Dan’s Pirate Dungeon, escape the den of turn-of-the-century pirates in 1908 (coming soon)
  • Dillinger vs. Detective, catch the infamous John Dillinger in 1934
  • Duck & Cover Classroom, avert a radioactive disaster in 1952 (coming soon)
  • The Dollhouse, solve a series of glittery B-movie murders in 1982
  • Operation G.R.A.N.I.E., uncover the secrets of contemporary spycraft in 2017

More information and bookings are available at!Time Gallery


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What Is an Escape Room?

According to Wikipedia: Real-life room escape games are a type of physical adventure game in which people are "locked" in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues and escape the room within a set time limit.

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